Cultural Education Programs

These art programs will be aimed at students of all ages and skill levels, as well as adults looking to begin or continue their pursuit of art education and appreciation.

- Art classes, seminars and other art educational curriculum
- Art cultural field trips and outings to fine art organizations, institutions and destinations.

Community Programs

Designed to raise awareness of the arts as well as enhancing the cultural appreciation of
art in our community with:

- Permanent as well as rotational art exhibits from resident artists, other foundations, collections and / or museums on display at the foundation
- Support and sponsorship of community art festivals and exhibits

Art Scholarships

Glade Arts Foundationwill award scholarships to students within the Montgomery County School Districts.


Glade Arts Foundation will produce art books in conjunction with selected exhibitions, scholarly volumes on the permanent collections, and other program-related publications, audio works on CD, and multimedia works.

Contemporary Artists Program

Glade Arts Foundation will have space in the museum available for local and international artists to show their work to the community. The artists will be carefully selected by the staff of the foundation and the board to ensure that each artist fits the foundation’s goals for the educational and public programs.